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September 23, 2009


Debbie D

WOW! I've never heard that before. I did see JB at the Fulton County Stadium, after his release. It was an all day party.


He must have gotten out "on love" like this vid:


I gotta dig out my "Free James Brown" t-shirt that I bought in '88 on the street in Chicago.

Listner Jim

A friend of mine had his picture taken with Brown while Brown was being processed to go to jail, and used the picture for his Christmas card that year.

This is rich. Anybody remember Foetus' "Free James Brown (So He Can Run Me Down)"? It was featured as the B-side of the WaxTrax! EP noted below:

Ernie (Not Bert)

There's also Pop Will Eat Itself-Not Now James, We're Busy... It samples the Godfather himself as the Poppies describe his exploits on that legendary day. Good stuff!


I was watching MTV with a friend around the time of JB's incarceration and the video the the Beastie Boys' "Hey Ladies" came on, featuring the text-supported interjection "Free James Brown"... when a friend of mine pursed her lips and said "I should hope so, who'd pay for James Brown?" What can I say, she had no soul.

All you haters, forget it. Leadbelly was pardoned multiple times, why not the Godfather of Soul? Besides, if Foetus or PWEI ended up in the slammer, hardly anyone would notice, let alone give a toss.

Dan B

You forgot to mention the prominent role angel dust, that elixir of the gods, played in this incident. One of the many entertaining results of this whole fiasco was the CD of JB-voiced anti-drug PSAs that has been on the shelves at all three radio stations I've worked at. It is a paradigm example of deep insincerity: "Drugs are bad," JB intones repeatedly, and sounds higher and less believable each time he says it.

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