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September 12, 2009



I'm perplexed by two things: 1. if he's is truly "Tampon Man" (as he claims) why does he pay homage to the Maxi-Pad on his forehead? 2. The Skid Row nose-to-ear chain (which, at the very least, helps date this to the early 90's, IMO).

doomsday fartshadow

yeah i was about to point out that it was a pad and not a tampon...but i don't think my opinion matters to him.

at first i thought the nose chain was a tampon string and he had one stuffed up his nose. but that would have been too clever.

doomsday fartshadow

also the 'early nineties' assumption of the nose chain goes against the mandy moore/britney spears references, placing it in 1999 at the earliest.

i just think the nose chain and pleated pants are further sign of mental problems and not solid grounds to date the video.

Judging by the references to Elian Gonzalez and Easter and following Oprah's weight cycle, I'm going to say this is late April/early May 2000. This is what I call quality cable access.

what getsmehot

can i totally upload that, fat fuck?


So what you are saying is that it's a period piece.

(rim shot)


Broadcasted out of Bridgeport, CT.
As a teen most of us watched his show just to see what he would say next. If memory serves me his show aired around 8PM in the middle of the week on channel 64 (Fairfield County).
Indeed an odd person, first time i ran into him was at Pathmark grocery few days before thanksgiving circa 97. He was checking for freshness of a butterball turkey by trying to sniff through the plastic. one of the most funniest things Ive ever witnessed, and yes he was wearing the ring chain.

CT Website Design

So confused!!

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