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September 23, 2009


Doug Schulkind

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I like the Bosho...a great blog as well.

Here's a nice Czech gem.


I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish but, Louis Farrakhan was the best divisive racial commentator of all time.

Oran Kelley

No, I think the fact that you can't see any of this as anything but a play of stereotypes is what indicates that we've got a long way to go. What are you looking for? The post-modern, extremely highly mediated version of Butterfly McQueen to please and reassure the hip urban elite? Tough on you, I guess.

rockford john

mm hmm, maybe some things are not racially motivated, in a perfect world nothing is,right?


there is nothing 'funny' about photoshopping in a picture of Obama's mother-in-law next to Taylor & Conway! some of us are sensitive to this kind of thing regardless of our social strata or which University we graduated from!

Mike Yahwak

"there is nothing 'funny' about photoshopping in a picture of Obama's mother-in-law next to Taylor & Conway! some of us are sensitive to this kind of thing regardless of our social strata or which University we graduated from!" Got to Love it!


Wow, that has to be the most asinine take on the whole "kanye" incident I've seen yet. Stick to talking about the music next time.


Interesting thought there miner, but I think you should take the tin foil hat off now.

David (a Marylander)

That's "Gaithersburg," not "Gaithersberg."

Doug Schulkind

@David from Maryland: Clearly you seized on one controversial aspect of this post. But seriously, thanks for the spellcheck. I have fixed the offending typo.

And to think:
1) I am a professional copy editor, and 2) I grew up about 30 minutes from Gaithersburg. (I remember back when they changed the name of the highway 70S to I-270.)


i'm with you on the k-swift incident. they all win by falling into their respective roles. just like joe wilson and barak obama. although the moment seemed a bit wild, eventually both sides returned to status quo and made a lot of money for both their campaigns. i also believe serena william's fit was caculated on her part so that she can always say she never really lost the game because of poor tennis skills.


I'm just grateful for my solid taste in good music. I don't give a popcorn-fart about Kanye, Beyonce or Taylor. Hell, I couldn't pick Lil Wayne or Jay-Z out of a line-up to save my life. Eminem, Kid Rock... As Americans we've reached the bottom of the barrel when we give credibility to these talentless phonies. It makes us look like trailer-park trash to other countries. It's a popularity contest. Who will be the next flavor of the month?


plenty of other countries have they own trailer park trash, as well as their share of crappy music - by the way, not everyone who has grown up in a trailer park is necessarily trash. that's a horrible stereotype. do you want other countries to think we are all upperclass snobs.

Pink Sovine

So nobody is responsible for what they do, right? It's everyone else's fault for being stereotyping racists? It isn't Kanye's fault that he made a drunken ass of himself. Maybe you should take race out of the equation and see if it still makes sense:

So let's say that there's this musician/singer/whatever. And let's imagine he's been around for a while and won his fair share of awards. At the same time, this very same figure has a notoriously huge ego to the point where he frequently makes embarrassingly self-glorifying statements. When a relative newcomer wins an award at some ceremony, the aforementioned ego-case drunkenly steals her moment because his opinion is just that important and must be heard because he is, after all, the self-proclaimed genius voice of a generation.

Oran Kelley is right: "...I think the fact that you can't see any of this as anything but a play of stereotypes is what indicates that we've got a long way to go." It isn't the big bad racist machine that made Kanye get drunk and act like a twat. It's Kanye that made Kanye get drunk and act like a twat. Nice try with the race card and all, but it's irrelevant.


DumpAscii is right. You're left. Way left. Stick to the music. Race baiter cant see a fool when it's center stage.


I'm sorry, but everytime I look at that photo of Kanye I keep thinking I am seeing a lost Achewood strip. Is he not the spitting image of Raymond Smuckles? All he needs is that idiotic thong. And Roast Beef somewhere off camera, his paw pressed against his forehead, eyes closed, mumbling "Why you got to do a Thing?"

Which is to say, all these people are shameless attention whores. If their collective music wasn't such shite I would have sympathy for their efforts to succeed commercially; but it is, and I don't. If you want to call it the 21st century minstrel show, you'd not be so far off base.

Shintaro Tezuka Tsuburaya

It was all a sad scam to try and make eMpTy-V "relevant again. I mean, do they even play music videos anymore? Who cares.


It couldn't be more simple than what the Prez said, "He's a jackass." If you think this helped Kanye Prick's career you're crazy.


Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...

C that photo it looks like kanye is attempting to shove his massive cigar in a place the defenceless fearful white girl doesn't want it while the benevolent older black women is about to explain how the matrix works.


Sometimes it's obvious when racism lurks beneath the media facade. And sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. The people relishing in Kanye's latest scandal don't consider outbursts like these regular behavior for black people. They consider it regular for Kanye West, whos notorious for saying things off the cuff that make him look like a douchebag (voice of this generation, of this decade, yatta yatta). And you'd know that too if you weren't locked up in you're ivory tower looking for traces of the white power structure in every little event.


This post is utter bullshit. Reading in a racial narrative to this non-event, and especially such a sophomoric, conspiratorial one, truly smacks of "literary" desperation. Listen, buddy. I know you long for a prose that cuts our "male, white, corporate oppressors" down to size (a dubious claim in itself), but why not keep it to Live Journal or some other teen forum where such garbage is still taken seriously.


What. The hell. Are you talking about? Kanye West acted like a jackass and Taylor Swift didn't do anything really at all. That's not a racist narrative, that's just Kanye West acting like a jackass. He wasn't even angry. He seemed to just be being Kanye West.

And why would a journalist not leak what Obama said? In what world would you expect that not to happen?


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