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September 25, 2009



I'd like to suggest Tom shove an ocarina where the sun don't shine.

Kinky F.

Whose sick joke is it to choreograph Tom Delay shaking his ass for the first 10 seconds... with close-up? And so much brown... so much brown. But at least Rick Perry has some good wank material now.


That's it. I'm killing myself.


In order to even start the video clip, I am forced to click on Toms Junk. And with that vintage 70's swinger look he's sporting, I am not surprised by this.

People, this is just _wrong_.


Somewhere in India, someone is putting funny subtitles to this (ala Buffalax) for Youtube.

Listener Ralphine

Good for Mr. DeLay. I hope he goes far in the competition, though I'm rooting for Natalie Coughlin to win it all.


I'm waiting for the DeLay Downfall subtitle remix


I bet that the last time he was on his knees, he wasn't miming a mic up to his mouth.


Holy crap. I mean Jeezy Chreezy. Can you imagine John Boehner stooping this low? On second thoughts, let's not take it there...l


I couldn't imagine this video going unmolested. This is how I spent my morning.


What next? John Ashcroft or the Singing Senators (inc. Larry Craig) on America's Got Talent?


This is almost as wonderful as Bert Convy singing Copacabana on the John Davidson show . . . please Internet God, let that clip exist, too.


What member of the Village People does he really want to be?


doctor_gogol- "Cowboys..." sung by Nelson was written by Ned Sublette, who has been on WFMU. Last time I saw Ned was when he was in Rhys Chatham's CRIMSON GRAIL. He has written a great book about Cuban music, founded and ran Qba-disc, just published a book about New Orleans a year before Katrina...and he is my neighbor and a beautiful human being. Just sayin' because I love hearing that song and it is fab on your vid experiment with that creepy man doing his creepy dancing.

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