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September 28, 2009



back in the early 80's, a wfmu dj was collecting as many variations of tico-taco as he get find or trick people into sending him. Isent him my stereo sampler tico taco and he gave me the business... no..i meant he gave me malcom mclarens take on Madame Butterfly.

Mike Yahwak

this stuff is tripy as hell, I want more is there more out there? And if so point me in the right direction.

This is F & T at their best.


I bought 13 of their records for $20 a few weeks ago, hoping to catch as much of this sort of brilliance you speak of as possible, and maybe a little schmaltzy charm as well. I found them randomly on the internet some time ago and wondered why I hadn't heard of them before. They are under rated for sure. Great stuff.

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