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September 22, 2009



My body reacts violently to synthetic fragrances typically found in detergents, deoderants, body sprays. And Febreze smells like death to me. All these products double as pesticides.


I also am allergic to nearly all soaps in the supermarket and forget about antiperspirant. I'm even allergic to the crystal stuff at the health food store. Eucalyptus Dr. Bronner's seems to work well as shampoo and on the rest of me, but I've noticed that it attracts bees. Maybe i should pack some febreeze for back up.

Pseu Braun

oh, Ed you are the Undisputed King of Waft. Great to see you blarging again.

Doug in DC

You know the real point of the men's scent thing is to avoid having to shower after your workout and instead envelop your entire environment with a tear-inducingly heavy cloud of musty chemical fumes guaranteed to bury your natural putrescence. At least, this is what the guy who's desk is next to mine seems to think, and he's really smelling like Axe today. I've got a fan blowing it in the opposite direction, but a hepafilter may be in order.


my mom used to wear Summer's Eve - Sweet Romance scent as perfume, just dab a little behind the ears and on the wrists before leaving the house. You should review that next.

Geoff W

a) Axe 'limited edition' scents always have such an interesting scent to them. I shall have to try out 'dark temptation' sometime (I wonder if a 'light temptation' kind of scent would work - white chocolate? some sort of reverse Yankee-Candle Moonlight Breeze sort of scent? clean linen mixed with ginger, etc).

b) I love the phrase 'bazzlegawazzle'. It's like the name of the magician's assistant ("Doctor Phonetic and his lovely assistant, bazzlegawazzle!") on a fictional UK children's show about learning prepositions and local civic pride. Additional sentences here.

c) mm, more scent reviews.


i recall reading a very true news story about a young teen boy in the UK who DIED as a direct result of his obsessive applications of Axe spray scent....he was in a coma and was barely saved and then warned against EVEr using it so heavily again , which of course compelled the kid to hide in a closed car and use it till he died.
stanky moron....he def has some like-minded idiot teen boy friends in the USA...

all them things are major chemikeels!!!! all synthetic scent is bad bad bad for ya in the short and long run...essential oils only , tho those are strong enough to melt plastic if you dont dilute them...

M Levitsky

Most excellent and informative scent review Ive ever read, Ed. Though I shant go anywhere within smelling distance of any of these heinous products. I do appreciate the vicarious experience of them through you. More please.

Wendy del Formaggio

Ed, I like it.

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