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September 09, 2009


simon b

The Open University uses the Silver Bridge disaster as part of its engineering courses, and has got a free online video about the investigation into the collapse:


Good timing! The Mothman Festival is Sept 19-20 in Point Pleasant.


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So what are the B-Sides of these 6?

Don Goosman

The Silver Bridge History by Jim Stout is excellent. This was available as a still picture video on YouTube until recently. It is now no longer available.

Don Goosman

Our family rode from Jackson OH down to the Carolinas in March 1968, 3 months after the tragedy and took the ferry WVa had set up across the river. The bridge piers from the old Silver Bridge
were still in the water. That inspired me to write a poem, "Ode to the Silver Bridge" as a junior in high school for an English class project. The ferry passed within a short distance of those
concrete piers on the 15-minute ride across from Kanauga to the landing at Point Pleasant.

Trish Alston

My dad should have been on that bridge that day. He had to stay home because of a family illness. He was a driver for Roadway Express and some of his buddies and co-workers went into the river. Many lost their lives and I can say they have never been forgotten. God rest their soles and be with their children and families. I will never stop remembering the loss of that day and how grateful that my dad was home.

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