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September 09, 2009


Colin The Culture Hunter

Jeez-This is fantastic! Oh that zipper on my pants it makes me blush and makes me rant!But dont worry I'll Rave On and I'll put it inside



I believe "Sing Your Address" is the official anthem of Hell.

As always, another great collection!


I'm working on some lyrics based on the news:

Nine Nine Nine
is actually
Six Six Six
Written upside down

So you better hijack a plane
And blow it up
So the president of Mexico


"Merry-Go-Down" is a veritable three-part pop sonata. Rodd Keith could have written for Sinatra.


"Merry-Go-Down" is one of those song-poem records that should have been a hit.

michael C

"the didgeridoo" had us howling in australia. thanks for the amazing song!


Is there another version of "The Saddest Story"? I'm pretty sure I've heard a different slicker version of that horrible horrible song.

Lee R.

I believe there are a couple of versions, the only other one I have was on the I'm Just The Other Woman comp, credited to MSR Singers. And it's just as horrible.


You and Your Big Ideas??? I thought Lucia Pamela wrote that.

Lee R.

She did. Also wrote the track before "In Love In Love".


Rodd Keith is awesome. And so is Little Donnie Lane's "Go Away." That chorus!


Any *more* song-poem collections, pretty please, just for old times' sake...?

ted wicks

no idea if some one has told you of this album:

"The American Song-Poem Christmas: Daddy, Is Santa Really Six Foot Four?" (2003)


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