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September 07, 2009


Colin The Culture Hunter

WOW! My work colleagues are going to love this!

I will try and get a translation to you in next few days Bob


It IS a fascinating little record. I would probably date it as a product of the Cultural Revolution. I have seen a similar record to this one and it's jacket, which had a photo of Tienanmen Square with several hundred members of a youth organization standing in formation beneath a huge portrait of Chairman Mao.

I really would be interested in hearing an English translation of the lyrics too.......


wow this is fantastic, thanks for sharing!
here are the song titles with translation:
1. 恭禧大家新年好 "Congratulations Everyone, Happy New Year!"
2. 勝利就在明朝 "Victory in the Ming Dynasty"
3. 在那遥遠的地方 "In a Far Away Land"
4. 綉荷包 "Embroidered Pouch"
5. 丟丟冬 which is think is something like "Lost Winter"?
the band is just 中國青年反共救國團總團部 "China Youth Corps".. side one is 恭賀新禧 "Happy New Year" and side 2 is 耶誕快樂 "Merry Christmas".. kind of strange.. none of the songs are explicitly Christmas songs..?

Colin The Culture Hunter

I have found out that this record is actually Taiwanese and is a collection of very old songs some are traditional. This will not go down very well on the mainland.

Track 2 brought a big confused smile to my colleagues face.

Victory in the Ming Dynasty is more accurately- Victory is coming soon.

With lyrics like

"The flag is flying"
"You hear the drums"
"For country , for revoltion ,for victory"
"Lets go back and attack the mainland"
"Victory is coming soon"

More to come in the next day or two when my friends can stop laughing.


yeah that's interesting... for track 2, the phrase 明朝 can mean both "Ming Dynasty", or "tomorrow"!
definitely interesting that this from Taiwan... here's a wiki page for the group:


oh, and can your friends get a better translation of the last track?


I especially would love to read the lyrics for "embroidered pouch"....


here are the lyrics, in chinese.. run them through your favourite online translator!

Colin The Culture Hunter

The last track? I will see what they have to say.

david b

I have a copy of this same record! I did a week long dig in Taipei this spring and put together this internet mixtape:

It's mainly stuff from Taiwan with a few things from Singapore.
Most of the posted stuff is more on the western end in terms of back beat, but still has that amazing eastern sense of melody/harmony.
Amazingly enough, no record store guys or music nuts that I met in Taiwan had much of sense of anything that may have come out of Mainland China during the 50's 60's or 70's.

Colin The Culture Hunter

Number 5 is very difficult for my friends- its in a Southern Chinese Dialect- probably Fu-Jian province (they are still laughing)

Bob Purse

Many thanks for all of the comments and translations! It's great to have more information on this favorite little oddity!


Fred Huang

明朝 is not Ming Dynasty at all, it means "tomorrow morning"

朝 means morning, 朝夕 means morning and afternoon.

tomorrow night is 明夜.

Fred Huang

number 5 is a famous Taiwan folk song , it has nothing to do with the winter, any Taiwanese over 50 can sing it.


I've got this record as well but with the cover that was mentioned above (the one with hundreds lined up in Tienamen square.) The back of the record has it dated at 1982 which seems odd cause it sounds a bit older than that.

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