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September 01, 2009


doomsday fartshadow

great stuff! the woman's voice chiming in is classic....sounds like the untalented wife was allowed/squeezed her way in to the 'band' if you ask me. charming though.

yeah, i think i like both songs equally. i think all night long has the edge for the amount of music in between the more sparse lyrics. they really stretched it out. usually a ditty like that is about half that length, and the lyrics repeat.

oh and great quality for something so old and obscure! good find!

doomsday fartshadow

i'll be waiting to hear a mashup of 'all night long' ac/dc's titular version :P


She makes Miss Audrey sound tuneful, all right. Great, great stuff, thanks!


Too bad these are ripped at only 128k.


Mindwrecker: I'm used to cranky responses from blog readers but I gotta say that today you take the freakin' cake!


I would say the Lockhorns are pretty hillybilly right now considering I have yet to see one cell phone joke to date.

As far as 128k do you really think you are missing that much considering the fidelity of a 78.


First off: apologies to Dave the Spazz, you're right, I'm being non-constructive, and to a fellow WFMU blogger to boot. Consider me shamed.
And, yes, of course no one can tell much difference when it's an old 78, as to what level of mp3 was used; HOWEVER- why not always use the highest rate? Why compromise what is already a terribly compromised format? I know I'm railing against a windmill here, but with all of the folks out there online putting up things at sadly unlistenable rates like 64k and 96k, it'd be nice if WFMU's files were a bit better-sounding than the big muddy world.
Anyhoo-- Very Sorry to sour your day!
By the way---these kind of records are always a joy, this is great stuff- keep up the good work.


new listiner here
between these 2 hillbilly classics and cindy & burts Der_Hund_Der_Baskerville(search that brought me here an hour ago) my card is punched.
ill be back.
ps if ya like nonstop "60's underground" ck out www.beyondthebeatgeneration.com/

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