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September 06, 2009


pedro dooba

hahaaa classic!! goofballz


Could be a hoax.

Mike Douglas was I believe out of Philadelphia, this might be a good place to ask around... which I shall, and report back if I find anything out.

video izle

Thanks a lot.. Good idea.


Lead singer looks like he might be Chicano. Could they be one of the many East LA garage bands a la Cannibal and the Headhunters, Premiers, Blendells, etc.?

I found one website with an odd factoid about Cavemen groups...

Not to be confused with New Jersey’s Cavemen (‘Small World’), Buffalo’s Cavemen recorded the great ‘All About Love’ at Fine Recording Studios in 1966.


The Cavemen look like they stole Sonny & Cher's shtick (or the Flintstones)! What surprised me was the overly exaggerated cover of "Jackie Rue's" one hit wonder, "Valarie" (1960)of "Jackie & The Starlites" famed classic doo-wop song, who died of a drug overdose in the late 60's or early 70's.


The Cavemen I know of were from Florida, and have what appears to be a fan-run Myspace page here:

They're best known for "It's Trash," an insanely lo-fi garage/psych single that appeared on the third Pebbles volume. I thought this might be the same group, since the myspace page also features a version of "Mustang Sally," but the Florida Cavemen's version is just as insane as "It's Trash," and makes the Mike Douglas Cavemen look like the most well-mannered of chaps.


Like it says on YouTube, this is the New Jersey band that had the 45 "Small World".

Yes, yes, I understand that these guys the ‘Small World’ Cavemen.

Still, it's very strange thing that there were at least three pro groups of "Caveman" recording ALL IN THE SAME YEAR, 1966.

---New Jersey’s Cavemen (‘Small World’) in the YouTube
---Buffalo’s Cavemen (‘All About Love’) at Fine Recording Studios
--- Florida's Cavemen ('It's Trash') whose singers, Jabour and Rey, came from the Coachmen and Jabour finally went on to the Vanilla Fudge



Before they went extinct, they recorded 2 45's"

'Small World / Whatever Will Be Will Be '(20th Century 6643) 1966
'All About Love / Bo Diddley '(CSA 18285) 1967

And they're not from NJ but Rochester, NY ...(audio clips):

Ken K.

Their take on "Whatever Will Be Will Be" is copied from the High Keys 1963 version that made the Billboard Hot 100 chart (as "Que Sera Sera").

Marilyn Rose

I am the wife of the blonde Caveman, the keyboard player. I can assure you they were a NJ bar band. Their music has been featured on obscure garage band compilations (I bought one for Victor as an anniversary present in August). We are still in touch with the drummer, Lenny, who currently resides in PA. We were so surprised to see the Cavemen turn up on YouTube! My kids got the biggest kick out of seeing their father on national TV--and with hair! LOL! He still has that Cavemen outfit right here in his office. No, he doesn't wear it. :) Thanks for all the interest! Never been the subject of a blog before! Marilyn Rose


WFMU...bringing fans and cavemen together! Awesome!


There's a great shot of band on the cover of the "Sick and Tired" comp:

Killer clips! Thanks, Cavemen (and WFMU).

Marilyn Rose

The "Sick and Tired" album is the one I bought Victor for our anniversary, that I had mentioned in my post above. It's pretty hard to find, but worth looking for if you're into 60's garage rock. That cover photo was taken on Turtle Back Rock in the South Mountain Reservation in West Orange, NJ.--right up the street from where Victor lived at the time. NO idea how whoever put the album together came by that photo, but I'm glad they did!


@Marilyn Rose - how did The Cavemen find their way onto the Mike Douglas Show?

Listener Kliph

Relax, my pretties, I am now in contact with Vic and he was kind enough to write a wonderful and elaborate history of The Cavemen. Look to see the whole thing posted here soon!


thanks good


Hello Victor,

You gave me great advice...When doing session work, get paid up front otherwise forget about getting paid...

I hope the years have been kind to you...I saw the video and it reminded me of the old days...

Best Wishes...D

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