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September 07, 2009



criticizing the availability of candy corn in august???

cheapening the pitch for cheap christmas chotchkes in september???

what next??? dead politicians???

damn you 'fmu!!!



That's it. I'm never reading this blog, or listening to this radio station AGAIN. You missed the mark on this one, Bronwyn.

doomsday fartshadow

i can't provide evidence but i can honestly tell you i heard christmas music in a walgreens on november 1st last year, and they had already condensed the halloween left overs to a corner of an aisle and started putting out the xmas basics (santa hats and baubles) beside them like they would pass for halloween costumes and decor and maybe we wouldn't notice?

this year, i heard christmas music (well, one song, i don't remember which) in a grocery store in mid-day. i think it was a joke or a glitch though because it was just the one. then i almost started to doubt it had actually heard it. the programming had done its job.

fanboy snarkiness is not really redemptive

If only Mary Joe were still alive to enjoy all the premature xmas cheer...


I work in a year round holiday store, which mean all holidays are represented in their own sections of the store, and christmas music plays about mid september.


Brooklyn Bridget

Watching Bronwyn C. go from being The People's DJ to being WFMU's all-time most despised program host is like watching pro wrestling, when one of the heroes suddenly turns into a villain. I hope she at least gets another couple of seasons out of the new story line.

John L

Jeez, I still like Bronwyn... I heard some Christmas music just yesterday on tv so that's the first for me this year.


It's the internet and there is no such thing as last week so don't pick on Bronwyn for a blog post that clearly existed beyond the range of human perception. If anyone's interested I achieved my goal of not going to the beach or music festival or amusement park or any of those things people think are fun to do that are always annoying disasters. So I am tan free on the tuesday after labor day weekend. I win

Hellbound Alleee

We're putting out Christmas lights on the back wall behind Halloween AS I WRITE THIS.

Listener #109577

I love you, Firecracker -- you blow up my amygdala!


first WFMU dj carping about Christmas... september 7. maybe a record. i love ya Bronwyn, but lighten up. try enjoying it this year.


I love you, Firecracker -- you blow up my amygdala!

Listener Ralphine

I thought you was some kind of witch.

Glenn Beck

Let us pray that Teddy never enjoyed even one of those last 40 Christmas seasons. He was a discredit to all white people. Thank you for everything Bronwyn! Thanx for reading my comment too!!!! :-)

Listener John from NJ in SLC

Here in Salt Lake City (my home for the past ten years) the ice cream truck comes through our neighborhood infrequently, so we notice it when it does. About three weeks ago, my wife and I were listening to the truck's fake-calliope tunes and wondering aloud, "How long until the ice cream guy/gal goes crazy from hearing the same tunes over and over again?" And then we realized that the newest tune was "Good King Wenceslas", followed by "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" and more Christmas tunes. The kids next door were taking their time getting ice cream, so we got to hear much of the playlist, all holiday related.
Christmas music from an ice cream truck in early September? Madness??

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