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September 24, 2009


Hair is air

Well hair is space, trace, air.. LIFE.Dogs are the most favorite (than human..).Obedience is a real pleasure for most people actually because of the messy period AND dogs represent/symbolize, as the plastic dolls or puppets, the superior order.
Hairs have less and less place: with manga spreading & porno spreading european young people use to love hair!And some tribal Hardcore stupid people LOVE rituals so much that they would involve in muslim anti hair corporation with all their SUPERFICIAL heart.It seams that internet changes very much thing in sexual, dress codes (less and less hairs here in france..naked heads are spreading, short hairs for women..).Youngs people seem too much touched by influences of publicity and the drugs spreading help the loss of their identity.I think that drugs like coke and the usual hardcore milkshake before going to Rave is not without consequences..Some can stay strong, and I've friends who are real jewel for that BUT some become puppets of a IDEAL Dj or IDEAL celebrity singer and dress codes.Hair are dress codes of a community.The communities, in France, is actually political community (japan warrior -no hair!-, porno warrior -no hair-!, muslim warrior -no hair-!, communist warrior -no hair!- ect..)
I think you're right with the "no hair in your food!" BUT I am really atonished by your preference between dog and female.That's rather mexican thinking!
A very hairy (and happy) female with a very hairy 9 years cat

dirty hairy

Forget the hair - if you knew what the roaches do at night on the prep surfaces of many establishments, you would starve.

And looka what I found!!!::
The Stephen David Heitkotter album reissue~!

Randy Bottoms

A friend of mine and I had this arguement that relates to this thought - Would you rather eat your own hair or a cat's hair? I would rather eat my own hair, but she wanted to eat cat's hair. Is one worse than the other?


This is nice article with good recipes.I hate to have hair in the my favourite food.It is very strange feelings at that time.

wii spiele

Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.When I was reading this post I have remember my childhood.I was like to chuging my own hair.My mom had scolded me for that.That was memorable days for me...


This seems to happen to me more often then the average person. I remember being a little girl and making a cake in my easy bake oven with a long brown hair in it. my parents seemed torn between wanted to eat the cake that i made for them or being disgusted that i am allowed to bake on the living room floor. burritos are the number one place i find hairs. i think it matters if it is deep in the food or just on top too. One time I had to walk to get a burrito and i got home unwrapped and the hair was just sitting on top of the tortilla. i threw it out and instantly regretted it. i then took the trash to the dumpster outside. i didn't want to think about my decision anymore.


I hate to have hair in my favourite food. It irritates me a lot. It affects badly on my good mood.

Mario, a Quebecer

Hair is not poison. So what is the best, no cats or no hair in food?

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