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October 11, 2009


texas scott

thanks for sharing,kliph!


Correct me if I am wrong, but is there another flexidisc not mentioned in your post. I remember a song was entitled "Everybodys makin' out" ??? and the lyrics were a litany of animals, vegetables, and minerals doing the nasty, with the exception of the protagonist ( no doubt something the dorky teen readers of Mad Magazine would relate to ).

Gotta love "The Blob"! This blogs namesake, so appropo.


Digging the Roosevelt Franklin! Does anyone have any idea how to find the audio from the Sesame Street book The Pecan Tree read by Gordon? I really want to hear that one again...

thanks for the post


"Everybody's makin' out...except meeeee..."

yeah! that's out there on the innernet somewheres. I found it there, at least.

Potrzebie, one and all.



Let the Halloween Madness bee-gin!

Here's video of an amazing Oakland, CA neighborhood Halloween Show: "The Driveway Follies"-

Have fun, Michael

Game zubehor

These are really nice. Thanks for posting these cool links to the post. It will be big fun.


"Makin' Out! Makin' Out!
I tell myself I would be, should be, makin' out!
But all I'm makin' out from all this makin' out
Is that everyone's makin' out... but me!"

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