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October 13, 2009


Listener Greg G.

And all this time I thought I didn't like poetry!

Max Frost

Oh man, Malloy has got some kick-ass pants on in the photo.


I once wrote a Charlton Heston haiku

Earth conquered by apes
the maniacs blew it up
damn them all to hell

Frosted Moses

Shoulda posted a spoiler alert - you gave away the first four seasons! And maybe even the next three! Not to mention every Jack Webb production before or since. *sigh* I guess we'll just have to manage! In the meantime, "see the man."




Ancient computer
It makes me swoon with delight
Put out APB


One Adam 12
One Adam 12
See the man with a gun.


I adapted the famous dirty limerick to haiku form
(Caution -- NC17 language):
A Nantucket man
Could reach his mouth with his dick
Pity mouth not cunt.

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