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October 25, 2009


Mateusz Pozar

Excellent moody stuff. Thanks for the post.


Interesting to listen to. But this just re-affirms that other people can just go right ahead and waste their time with all that fire & BS. I had my first communion and all that growing up, but I have come to believe what the singer of Napalm Death (Mark Greenway) preaches on stage about religion. Sounds odd, but basically has says - be a good person, do right by others, enjoy all of life's treasures and enjoy yourself. You don't need religion to tell you that or make you feel guilty. Here's my favorite quote from the Napalm pulpit: "God does not exist. Religion - all of it - is nothing but a load of unproven, unsubstantiated nonsense. It causes nothing but problems and violence against other people. What matters is in your heart and in your head."

Max Frost

Outstanding. Great post, I like the ambient background, too. I'd be interested hearing more. Thanks.

Michael Jarrett

A miracle. For a very long time, I've hoped against hope to hear someone at WFMU pull together such a show. And then, Steinski actually does it! Too good. This hour rates right up there in my pantheon of, uh, sermons (a small canon, true, but in my world it'll share a pew with recordings by the Rev. Lester Knox and the Prophet Omega). God bless the mighty Steinski.

Islami Sohbet

I couldnt listen this news or read it so I dont understand what is all about.
What is about the snake? Thanks.


Like a scary movie :) but good to tlisten it.


Like a scary movie xD

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