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October 21, 2009



All hail the President of the Frank Sutton Appreciation Society!

Listener Ralphine

Let us not forget Sutton's final (and perhaps finest) performance, as Bert Pearson in the 1974 made-for-TV classic, "Hurricane." Pearson foolishly hosted a hurricane party and either was killed or was the sole survivor, I can't recall which.

Is there a Ronnie Schell Appreciation Society somewhere, too?

sid bators

does anyone remember the 80's song that "sampled" him yelling "PYLE!" and "WHAT STINKS?!" pat duncan used to play it all the time...I believe the band was SMERSH.

Listener Greg G.

Sid - I think I used to have a cassette with this song on it, but I'd completely forgotten about it. Not my favorite style of music, but enjoybable nevertheless, as I recall.

Thanks to your tip, I found this:

Scroll down to the 1984 release A Murder Of Crows. I'm going to check it out asap.

sid bators

Thanks right back, Greg.


Outstanding post. Thanks.

Rick Garcia

Fascinating stuff. Very interesting.

Debbie D

The Christmas at the Suttons photo would make a great Christmas card!!

I belong to a Yahoo group for Gomer Pyle USMC fans. This is fantastic! As the unofficial "scrounger" of the group, I can't wait to post this to the other members!

Would anyone happen to also know...I'm constantly looking for behind-the-scenes info on sets and locations, bloopers, outakes, comments from writers and producers...whatever. Please let me know.

Currently I'm in the process of writing Jim Nabors, but we'll see just how genuine that address I have for him is.

Your all welcome to join our little group too. There's only about 20 members so far, but were all nuts about the show. Me especially since I'm ex-Army.

Contact me through Facebook if your interested in our group.


Wonderful tribute..thank you!
I'd like to make one correction. "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C." was NOT a victim of CBS de-hickifying its programming. That happened the following year in 1970 when they dispatched "Petticoat Junction" and 1971 when they jettisoned "Beverly Hillbillies" and "Green Acres" off of the schedule. Despite finishing in the ratings top ten nearly every week, Jim Nabors was the one who called it quits because he wanted to do a variety show to showcase his amazing voice. The network offered to continue the show, renaming it "Sergeant Carter U.S.M.C." but Frank declined the offer.
We'll never know if it would have been as good as the Gomer Pyle episodes but Frank will live in our hearts forever with the incredible work he did in this series.

I should be at the fair

Not sure about your guess but there is for sure a Frank Sutton sampled track on the legendary compilation album "Amuck". The artist attributed is named "Tone Set" they track is called "out out out" The sample is Frank saying "You're like a thorn in my side - I dont know from one day to the next what stupid lamebrain stunt your gonna pull - now get outta here - out out out" to paraphrase

You can grab a copy of an album by them on the Mutant Sounds blog here:

Gotta run! Clarksville, Tn is just up the road - time to look for his childhood home~

mike in nashville

Rick Nelson

Is Mr. Sutton family still alive?


I LOVED Frank Sutton and that incredible show.Things will never be like that ... never again.
Im gutted that he died so young....

I can put in a Gomer Pyle dvd and literally ... have my spirits lifted.
What a great classic of 1960's tv.
RIP Frank.He will never know the happiness that he and Jim brought to so many of us young sprats in the 60's.....


lol! I love those scenes! I have the first four seasons of Gomer Pyle at home, and i watch them constantly... I think you're right, Jim Nabors is so funny, but without Frank Sutton it wouldn't go anywhere. I think he's hilarious. Man, he died so young!

Mark Vaughan Hendrson

Frank Sutton an absolute legend. Left us to so gone but never forgotten.Great tribute many thanks for your efforts.

Stephen P. Mers

Frank audited our Platoons (318) basic training @ MCRD San Diego spring 1964, I have pictures!

And the producers used our Guideon (flag) for the opening scenes of the episodes when the show first aired.
These were changed to other units in later years.

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FRan sutton will never be forgotten in this world. much appreciated of your tribute to Frank Sutton


Frank Sutton's daughter, Amanda, is now Amanda Schott and lives in Naples Florida. She has 2 young daughters and is a therapist.

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