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October 07, 2009


jason {macedonia}

man, wish i could've been down there for this...heard nothing but good reports so far. the industry definitely needs to do more to lock down a good distribution model for music within the digital age. it it's spotify, then so be it. it can only help the industry (more than they realize, apparently...)


saying "Senator Al Franken" still sounds weird.

Peter Jenner

I am getting annoyed by your misquoting me. Either that or I am incredibly inarticulate. Of course I did not deny the promotional value of radio play, but I did also point out vigorously that music promoted the radio stations. No recorded music, no modern radio. We need each other, yet we do not get paid, and even pay sometimes for radio to play the very thing that gives them the audience they then sell to advertisers (or funders).


Hey Peter,

It is entirely possible that I misunderstood your comments and I wish I had some video to go back to in order to double check... I recall you making a short and somewhat unambiguous comment stating that the idea of promotional value was ridiculous (I forget the exact wording) and I believe those comments were made in the context of someone else expressing a similar view.

To be fair your comments were probably not specifically about radio but they were consistent with what I believe to be a prevailing view in the industry: that there is no use under the sun which can be construed as "promotional" or helpful in selling records.

As mentioned in my post, ASCAP/BMI going after iTunes for royalties on 30 second clips that are supposed to help people pick which songs they want to buy is a pretty clear example of this view in action.

You were one of the voices of reason on the panel by rightly pointing out that the current system is hopelessly broken and I couldnt agree more that we need each other.

For the record, I personally believe that a performance royalty is a good idea as long as the rate is fair.

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