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October 31, 2009



I don't know how effective it is long term, but when I was renting a place for a year, and I had an old divan bed base I turned it upside down and nailed panels (from a palette) around the sides and filled it with soil. Apparently it was on the BBC too, but I came up with it on my own.


Damn I thought this was going to be Jackie Mason until i took a listen.


james - what an excellent idea! I shall have to look into that. Definitely fits in with my junk ethos.

Me - if you read this post out in a James Mason voice it sort of works. ;)


Say, that's not too shabby, GG! Rather nice wood for scrap. One day of hammering is much easier than weeks of double digging, eh? Rather than pounding, next time try digging small holes for the struts. Drop the frame in, and fill around the edges. Don't worry, this thing isn't going anywhere once you put the dirt in.

We have English weather in the winter here, the rains have just started and all the tomatoes have finally dropped dead from the blight. I thanked them all individually and en masse, and did euthanize them and remove them to the waste compost pile. I took in the edible potted plants, mainly cuban oregano, thai hot peppers, and this special variegated basil that never flowers ( it's a perennial ). Only thing left out there to eat is the chard, which will persist even unto the snow.

So much for this years gardening. Me, the missus, and the cat wish you and yours a good harvest and happy halloween!

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