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October 19, 2009


Dianne Wilson Mahony

Mrs. Harry D. Wilson was 94 years old when this recording was made. Her son, Justin Wilson (the Cajun comedian and cook) and his wife, Sarah, took her to Houston for her birthday. Her daughters, Olivet, Menette, and Ellie were also in attendance. Mrs. Wilson died two years later at the age of 96. She was my great-grandmother. :) How did you come across the album? Where is it for sale? I have a copy (as do most in our family), but I would love to find it for sale to purchase additional copies. This is truly amazing to find it online. I love listening to it!

John H. Forshag

I recently came by this record from a family member, Mary Katherine LeNoir Potter. Her mother, Eula Lee Wilson LeNoir, was a niece of Aunt Olivet as was my grandmother, Maggie Wilson Forshag. Their father, John Mark Wilson, was a brother to Harry D. Wilson. Quite amazing that a person 94 could still play the piano so well and remember so many wonderful old songs. John H. Forshag

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