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October 30, 2009


Listener #109577

Hmm, sounds like you died in the influenza epidemic. Try to be more careful this time around.

Brian C.

Re: Xmas music, I was in Bed Bath Beyond (Rt 46) 2 weekends ago and heard some -- but I don't think it would really count because it was coming from a display of Christmas CDs, not really over the store speakers. Still kind of sad.

Brian C.

Holy cow! I just tried to find my own dead me, and the second result listed was born on my birthday! Yikes! (One year later, but still pretty creepy.) b. Jun. 4, 1965 d. Oct. 1, 1965, poor little fella.


A lot of people named me are buried in cemeteries in France circa 1914-1918

listener monica

hi bronwyn! i didn't see you at the record fair!. my favorite gravestone names are Freelove Shotwell (in north plainfield) and Experience Shay (way up rte 206 past stokes state forest). so far no one with my name registers with a stone. i won't be the first either since i am giving orders to have my remains put in an anonymous compost heap.

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