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October 13, 2009



Opinion Poll

OpinionPoll helps to make your opinion heard

OpinionPoll provides an easy and scalable platform for creating and distributing web and mobile polls for Free. You can share your polls with your friends, colleagues, family and others for free*, using a variety of online channels, including email, instant messaging (IM), RSS, blogs and web sites besides syndication using free plugins and URL, that can be embedded and/or linked in any websites as well as by using mobile phone applications and SMS.

OpinionPoll brings together friends and colleagues to share interests, opinions, views and other funny things by putting them into polls, using -simple to use interface of OpinionPoll. You can also create communities to invite common interest people.

Which quality is most important for becoming a radio jockey?



Well I heard the mp3 of New Jerseyians asked about the origin of their state name and the UK Jerseyians asked about New Jersey. Why are Americans so fucking ignorant? Why? Why? Why???

Island of Jersey

It's called Jersey not OLD JERSEY!

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