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October 01, 2009



I can see the similarity between old and new. Sparesely populated islands of simple people, both.

Ebenezer Le Page

Cor! How typical of the Jersey man to go galavanting around the world and get some far off land named after his island! Us here in Guernsey we call the Jersey man a crapaud, after the toad, but they call themselves beans. God knows why. At least we have the decency to know we is donkeys us.

On a more serious note, check out the Folk Buzz if its at the festival. Its a mini-bus in which live acts play and you sit in the seats and watch them - its great fun!

A la perchoine!


"knitted cloth" (1583) and "breed of cattle" (1842) both from Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, said to be a corruption of L. Caesarea, the Roman name for the island (or another near it), infl. by O.E. ey "island;" but probably in fact a Viking name (perhaps meaning "Geirr's island"). The meaning "woollen knitted close-fitting tunic," especially one worn during sporting events, is from 1836

Online Etymological Dictionary


Old Jersey also produced this rather excellent NWOBHM band, Legend: http://www.metal-archives.com/band.php?id=749

Listener James from Westwood

As someone who began listening to FMU in the pre-Web, pre-XHD/MFU, pre-Jersey City days of 1992, I occasionally sit back during, say, the ATP events, the Barcelona broadcast, this, and just while listening to the Net stream of the plain ol' air signal and say, "Damn, who ever would've imagined back then that this little college radio station would go to these crazy places and share this awesomeness for everyone on the planet to hear?" Just very grateful to have taken the ride. Go WFMU!


Hi I is the owner of the folk buzz. www.myspace.com/thefolkbuzz Its Jerseybob, Hi billy thanks for letting us play a tune on air great stuff, good luck I will be in New York 5th Feb on my final leg of a world tour.. Keep ya posted.......

Emo Joe Blob

That vox-pop was fascinating, because like most Americans I have always used "England" to be synonymous with "the United Kingdom". After having lived in the UK for 5 years though, I know that certain people would kick my ass if I ever referred to Jersey as being in England. Namely everyone in Jersey. Channel Islanders, Scots and the Welsh will harp on at you about the difference between nations, states and 'constituent countries' without seeing that these are domestic issues that do not have parallels in other countries.

Man, had to get that off my chest.


Nice article.The history of Jersey city is interesting for me.The facts are very surprising.Thanks for the mp3 link about the folk song.These are great songs.

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