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October 19, 2009


J Neo Marvin

[listen] 6 Decree 10-05 (pure insanity, frequently sampled and well-known to regular WFMU listeners

Wow, it's a cross between "Rubber Biscuit" and the Balinese Monkey Chant.


cyndi.... looper
david booey

Mr Fab

But...I have it on CD..?

Richard Brandt

"...nor play rock music, jazz, rap or other associated types of music..."

Wow, it's the Trifecta of Evil Jigaboo Music.


Hmm, my fault, I didn't know it was released on CD, I should have googled more...

Mr Fab

Always happy to help! It was in fact Station Manager Ken who sent me the CD.

Boss tuneage that sampled these guys:
Negativland "Michael Jackson"
Fatboy Slim "Michael Jackson"
Mylo "Destroy Rock & Roll"
O.S.I. "Set It On Fire" (don't know this one, but that's what wiki says)

Any others?


Great cackling Bozo pee, this is magnificent weirdness.

Jeff Jobson

I suppose it would be handy to be an auctioneer in this cult!

Uncle Ash

She sold ... sanctuary?


thavius beck sampled it too

Listener James from Westwood

Jeff Jobson: I'd like to think Scott Williams was the evil genius who did this, but I could swear I heard an FMU DJ play the Decree and cuts from a record of livestock/tobacky auctioneers (it had heavy cross-DJ airplay about 5 years ago or so) at the same time. Mesmerizing.


This reminds me of Jane Curtin as a Conehead.


Is there any chance you can throw up the 7th track somewhere? It's a 20-something minute "decree" that I'm totally anxious to hear.


Ohp, my bad, I didn't realize that your track 6 is track 6 and 7 combined. Thanks for this absolute insanity!


Sold! to the man in the fourth row who's temporarily taken leave of his subjective ego.


I love how the last track starts out with "d'ja get that?"
umm, no, I don't get it.

Melanthe Alexian

ECP's setup and teachings had plenty of precedent -- look up Guy and Edna Ballard, "I AM Activity", particularly "The I AM Activity Exposed". Also, Alice Bailey; also, The Bridge to Freedom. All are based on a handful of ideas from Theosophy. Helena Blavatsky would have whopped the Ballards and ECP upside the head for turning it into a cult -- a pseudo-religion confidence game.

I had a close relative very peripherally involved, I being 17 at the time it wrecked my life for several years in a number of ways. I had roughly the same experience Sean had with Rush saving him -- only for me it was John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Neil Young.

charge! CHARGE!

The "I AM" religious activity was the subject of a 365 Days Project post:

Guy Ballard attempting to overpower rational thought through verbal bombardment sounds positively inept next to Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Which is a feather in her cap, I guess...

Erik Piper

My mother was involved with this group for a short time around 1980, maybe a bit earlier. The song "Mickey" (Oh Mickey you're so fine etc.) was also from around that time. So the CUT's "Violet Fire" chant is forever intertwined in my head with "Mickey".

Also, there was this captivating image in their literature of this tobacco smoker (not that they were pro-dope, I think it was just too verboten with them to be worth mention) trapped in a cage of his own smoke that sticks with me to this day.

Looking at both facts, I gotta say: these guys had the audio-visual side of things down pat. And considering that they timed doomsday for well into their own old age, they didn't really both that part up too bad either. If you're well on the way to Alzheimer's, it's not gonna bother you that your doomsday didn't work out...


I recall how the feds gave them tax-exempt status in exchange for them giving up their guns. No more Wacos, puh-lease.


Wow! This Blog is great. Just like Kim Clement. Kim Clement is an expression that has defined “the prophet” for the modern era. This has made his journey unique; a journey that has taken his inspired message to schools and colleges, churches and synagogues, alleyways and prison cells. Kim’s prophetic gift is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience, as he has whispered to kings and inspired prisoners, his path through life continues to be an exciting adventure.



When I heard the cult drilled underground from their property in order to illegally siphon off water from Old Faithful in Yellowstone because it was discovered to have some special properties, I thought how spiritual is that? Any one in their right mind would know that water missing from Old Faithful could destroy the balance there and maybe affect it negatively. Greed and dishonesty make people do awful things. Also met a woman who was held in their complex against her will. She finally managed to get free. Sure never knew she died of Alzheimers in a nursing home-why didn't her followers or children take care of her.

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