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October 14, 2009



I saw Suicide at The Palladium in January 1978, opening up for The Runaways and The Ramones. As I wrote last week on my blog
"Suicide opened up. This two-man "band" consisted of Alan Vega on screaming and Martin Rev on some kind of keyboard set-up that blasted our ears with some sort of unlistenable electronic racket. Boos rang out, and then they got pelted with crap. They blew. We couldn't stand no more, so we went out to the lobby for beers. (Note however I did buy Vega's 1981 rockabilly record, Collision Drive, which I did like)."

We Willy

"Suicide, Live" good one!


I saw Suicide live in London's ICA about five years ago and it was wildly entertaining - an hour of mindbending noise and Vega's howls and yelps sent us out into the night in an altered state. Jarvis Cocker was standing behind me going nuts. Can't wait to see them again.


I've never seen post more mp3s!!!


i've never seen Suicide too, hope to catch any of their shows...

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