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November 13, 2009


Max Frost

Good luck with the webstream. Ichiban is one of the best things I've ever heard, I've been listening nonstop. It's all killer, thanks for doing this.

Debbie D

Thank You!


1. The drummer on "Ichiban" is hilariously off the beat. 2. I'm suprised the great, late jazz guitarist, Barney Kessel, would have condescended to play on a novelty song. I guess it paid the bills. Thanks for posting--it was fun to hear these.

Murrey the Quay

Nice to hear The Hound mentioned in the same breath as WFMU for the first time in a while. Health issues are keeping him indoors these days, but he's found the perfect outlet for his encyclopedic knowledge of and passion for great American music through his blog at

I read it religiously. Each post (usually dedicated to some unjustly ignored master) is simultaneously a definitive short reference piece, a moving appreciative essay, and the soundtrack to illustrate it all (via mp3 links). I prefer this format to the old show, actually. As for them, they're still worth hearing and available here

Alyssa Gerber



oh boy!

Linus O

Yeah Baby,
What a great blast-off. Been listening all afternoon and wish I was at the Lake Side.
Great show...Keep the the jams coming.

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