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November 21, 2009



I watched the video before reading the second paragraph, and it was obvious within two seconds that it was fake

it's impossible to make video look like film

Chris Burns

Pretty cool! I watched the trailer at Josh's website, and was startled to see steel guitar player Lucky Oceans appear as Gigi's guitarist. A little digging around led me to discover that Lucky is actually Josh's brother. Petit monde, no?


I loved that documentary from the 80s Gigi made.


toujours, always toujours,
but what about the film maker Gigi Gaston of Sophie Hawkins fame? Is she the grand-daughter?

Gaylord Fields

@ Tim:

During the interview, Josh Gosfield reveals that he did indeed shoot the "Godard" short on film. Perhaps because you viewed it via YouTube on a computer screen (coupled with the fact that i had informed you it was fake) threw off your usually keen eye.

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