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November 23, 2009



Wait whut?? I was going to sue for posting this, but I guess Daniel gave you permission...Damn. Nice to see you blogging for the woof moo Pop Jew


"bros" "chilling" "stoked" and "jamming" -- all in the first line, no less. Welcome to the new BoTB, I guess....


hunks and a super smoking chick as a selling point---please ---there has to be a better way to inform us of this group's music? Some kind of journalistic standards on this thing?


CT, I guess not. This posts reads like promo ala Pitchfork. Awesome and sick, dudes! Like totally.


Bug off, other commenters. It's a shtick


No, JLS, the other commenters are doing the "douche who's too cool for this blog" shtick.

r4 dsi

Hey, I’ve been wondering something for a while. What’s up with all these kids wearing Misfits T-shirts I’ve been seeing for so many years (way way more than Danzig shirts)- do they actually know the band or have they somehow just been marketed as cool T-shirts? I saw the Misfits play in a club in Watts once. True!


Yes, the schtick is to write in such a way as to pretend to be an inarticulate teenager while underneath lurks original and sophisticated ideas...also masked as those of an inarticulate teenager. It's very, very, very, very complicated.

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