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November 14, 2009


Kat Fancy

"Awesome new job"? Assuming that you aren't being sarcastic and your new job really is awesome, congratulations. I hope to be able to use that phrase sometime soon as well.
I'm all for clitoral stimulators, but yes, seeing that device under the wholesome banner of The Vermont Country Store is jarring. Even online!

J. Throckmorton Malcontent

Santa is a privileged white male who got away with murder. No matter how many toys he gives away, it doesn't change the fact that someone's Grandma got run over by a reindeer and he got away with it. He needs to burn in Hell forever.

Martha Moxley

And that was AFTER Santa and Grandma got drunk and left the party together, and then when she got run over he ran away and didn't tell anyone for 12 hours while she lay bleeding in the snow and died. Thanks for the reminder, JTM.

sister Hairy Hymen

Well Christmas music started November 11th at the Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs NY, I was there, it was early and some one was fucking with the MUZAK system, low and behold there was Bing Crosby singing about the damned Turkey leg. I wanted to vomit. Santa came on 11th this year to sell Cheap ass photos and God forbid if you want to take your own pictures. The people running the thing get down right nasty.
FUCK Christmas.

i know of at least two radio stations in north carolina - that switched to their all-christmas format at some point before nov. 5 when i visited. you cannot mistake the sweet sound of feliz navidad while scanning channels.
so what do i win?

i will say this- try the peppermint crunch junior mints available seemingly only at walgreens. fucking delicious.


My wife and I went to Target to see what paltry Halloween supplies they had... it was probably the 29th or 30th of October... and found that half the "seasonal" section had been cleared of all Halloween merchandise. In its place? Christmas wreaths, ornaments, little Santa figures, etc. The picked-over remnants of Halloween were relegated to a sad corner. Bear in mind, this was before Halloween, to say nothing of Thanksgiving.

I understand that the contest is over and specifically referenced music... but I think this experience is a chilling counter-point to your observation that the Christmas blitz has been delayed this year.

The Contrarian

The Woodbridge Center Mall Sears had a small Christmas display in early September. Every time I returned to the store since then the display would grow a little larger and expand like some consumeristic blob.

On November 4, my wife and boarded Continental flight 348 from EWR-SFO and Christmas music was being piped in over the jet's PA system as we found our seats and fastened our seatbelts.

I've counted at least 3 homes in my little suburban NJ burg that already have Christmas lights up and lit (no, they're not left over from last year).


I heard Christmas music the day after Halloween at the dollar tree. So annoying!

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