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November 05, 2009


Goyim in the AM

^^ spambots getting more sophisticated.


"10 Peavey amps , all stacked up" just made my day - though it is still early

Aaron White

Thanks for this! I really grooved on the Men With No IQs

Mike Stender

I originally found out about the Men with no IQ's from a Maximum RnR scene report "back in the day", I wonder if any of the other bands you mentioned were in that...anyway, I queried the Hyped2Death guy several years ago about them and he confirmed their existence and had a single, I was pretty excited. Found their Myspace last year and loved what I heard. Now, downloads and news of other crazy Mississippi day is indeed made, thanks a million!

DJ Rick

Thanks for posting this B.T. ...This is killer!

Pete Larson

I made that MySpace page. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get any more tunes, but I think that Stewart might have some.

Tom Beck

Spotted this via Boing Boing, and it brought back a flood of memories. I remember seeing these guys many times at Don's. Always wondered what happened to them. Thanks for this, Brian!

Bill Shoemaker

ahhh, W.C. Don's, I literally lived there, it was the best place to hear local and sometimes nationally known non-commercial acts. voted as one of the top 10 dive in the country by musician magazine-a dubious honor.

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