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November 11, 2009


Mike Yahwak

Hail It now looks like rapid share has stopped or limited the amount of free downloads, I have tried for the last several days and I keep getting the same message, that there are no free dowloads avalible blah blah try again latter. SO Friday is payday they are going to get a 6 month membership from me.

Goyim in the AM

Don't do that -- clean out your cache of cookies instead, and try again.


I really enjoyed reading your post, which happened shortly after me and my daughter had a mildly sentimental conversation. Families are great sometimes. I'm sitting here grinning. I didn't get even round to checking out the music yet... but I have the urge to dig into my vinyl for all the classics I purloined/inherited from my parents' collection...


clean out your cache of cookies instead, and try again...........


2 more I've run across...

South American Fela Covers

Madrotter's new turntable is cookin

Rufus J Squirrel

Let us know when your dad's going to be on. Will be cool to hear a WWII DJ.

Mr Fab

I'm pretty sure Freezone's "Indian Squaw Blues" didn't have anything to do with that '70s Brazilian album, but 'tis a nice tune nonetheless.

compléments alimentaires

I am really very thankful from the bottom of my heart for all Veterans.They are real Heroes like your father.This is really very interesting post.Its good to know about your father that he'd been awarded the Silver Star.Thank you for this post.


Fascinating story, and great post (and show) as always. I'm curious about what happened when the tank company yr father was with "had a field day," although I can certainly imagine. Maybe there's a book in there somewhere? Or, given the apparent amount of period images you have (or can access via research or whatever) you could do some kinda multi-media project tying together the music and yr father's war experiences?

Or maybe you can just continue to let your father have his experiences to himself, and share them in his own way and at his own pace (which is what you seem to have been doing), with your continued love, support, and respect. stuff.

Doug Schulkind

According to this September 1944 After Action report for the 5th Armored Division, "a field day," meant the destruction of 19 German Mark IV tanks.


I'm sure you were a peace loving, war hating liberal while Bush was President.
Now that we have the BellicosObama in there, suddenly illegal wars of aggression are ... well ... kinda OK.
Typical partisan hypocrite!
Heart warming story about your dad btw.
I used to like your show, but it's been tainted ever since I been seeing your continued support of Bush the second.
I am not a right wing nut either so you can't dismiss this that way.
Just look at what's going on Doug.
How can you justify it???? What you believe the terrists are out to get us now???


"I am not a right wing nut either so you can't dismiss this that way."

Of course not, you're just a plain old regular NUT.

"Illegal wars of aggression"????? Is that was the US was waging in WW2? Wow, learn something new everyday, and all this time I thought we were defending ourselves against outside aggression, like, you know. . . Pearl Harbor.

And who is "Bush the second"? George W. Bush came after George H.W. Bush, so I thought HE was "the second", but I guess you're referring to Obama. Whatever.


I am not talking about WW2 as a war of aggression -
I am talking about Afghanistan, Pakistan. (like drones in stuff, you know?)
And yes by "Bush II", I am referring to Obama administration's practically perfect continuation of W Bush's -
Can you point out where the difference lies? The rhetoric is different but the actions are unchanged/continued/furthered.
Torture, suspension of previous rights (habeas corpus), patriot act, surveillance, military escalation, complicity in Israeli aggression,
fear mongering about terrorists.
The reason I came out sputtering under this post is I just don't see Doug posting this back in the day - in heat of Bush's Middle East escapades; but now that his guy is at the plate, well ... there ARE good wars, and bravery, and valor and warm fuzzy stuff, you know?
I'm just envisioning all the Obama bumper stickers snuggled up close to the peace signs.
And now this - it gets in my craw.


Jeffers, lots of people who railed against Bush and his MIddle East adventures also approved of World War II. Most people do not see any contradiction there.

You may disagree, but why bring all this up in reply to a post about somebody's dad? Is it time for your medicine?


"Dear President Bush, I'm sure you'll be having a nice little tea party with your fellow war criminal, Tony Blair. Please wash the cucumber sandwiches down with a glass of blood." (Harold Pinter in The Guardian)

Welcome to our quagmire

Support our Troops! (But screw 'em when they come home with those phantom diseases trying to mooch off Uncle Sam)

The terrorists have already won. The White House

NY Times's Thomas L. Friedman has the line of the week:
"The Bush energy policy should be called "No Mullah Left Behind"

Halliburton, hungry to make another killing, trains its beady eyes on Khartoum

Fear is the new crack

Mr. Sharon, tear down this wall

All we are saying is give torture a chance

This program constitutes a specific and credible threat

Habeas shmabeas, let's go waterboarding!

Oh, in case you were wondering, we are already at war with Iran

So, how many more Osama videos do you think the Pentagon's black ops fellers
have left in the can?

C'mon America, if there are more troops to support, then we can
Support Our Troops™ more

These are titles to various shows from Nov. 21 2003 through Jan. 12 2007.
Then Obama is elected.
Nothing changes ...
Not a peep on this subject from Doug since.
Except for this softball.
All due respect for your dad and your own life Doug.
But if your going to stick your neck out ...
My position? Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Obama, they're all the same.
We were the bad guys then and were still the bad guys - quit being fooled by the smooth talker - he's a snake.
I'm done here.
This nut is going to get his medication now.

Doug Schulkind

I am delighted you have been paying such close attention to my program titles. However much I may disagree with you, I am way more energized by someone who has a pulse than someone who doesn't. So bravo.

My question to you is: How much of Obama's current foreigh policy directives have been organically derived from his own personal philosophy and how much is the real-world result of him taking the helm of a country already ensconsed in illegal wars of aggression, torture, etc. You seem to be indicating that there is little distincition between Obama's personal world view and Bush's. If so, I can understand why you think him a snake. I don't feel the need to defend my lack of criticism of Obama's efforts so far, but you have every right to do so.

One thing I have been saying since the day I first learned of and began suporting Obama (reading William Finnegan's profile of him in the 3/31/04 edition of the New Yorker) is that his greatest challenge will be managing his critics from the left and not the right. Your diatribe against him only reinforces that impression.



How am I supposed to read that last post of yours and NOT think you are a raving lunatic? I mean. . . LOOK at it, it's a bunch of disjointed, unconnected one-liners and/or slogans. Even if you have a point to make (and I guess your only point seems to be "Obama is as bad as Bush"), this kind of format isn't helping you convince anyone, only making you look like a raving crank and/or a 14-year-old boy with raging hormones who just read some Chomksy and thinks he understands everything now.

I think most of us understand your point about Obama, though we disagree with it; Obama is not perfect, and I'm disappointed in his presidency so far, but I think we put too much hope into him after Bush. I also don't see his daily briefings, nor do I (or you) have to make serious decisions that effect the USA and the world every single day, so I will reserve a certain amount of judgment until I have walked in his shoes.

And I still don't see how any of this relates to WW2, which is what this post was originally about.

Doug Schulkind

To be fair to Jeffers, the disjointed one-liners on display in his comment are all actually titles of some of my past radio shows. Jeffers was quoting back to me evidence of my displeasure with the Bush presidency and remarking that my silence on the imperfections of Obama's tenure so far prove that I am, in his opinion, a top-rank hypocrite. I disagree, but that's what makes horse('s ass) races.

By the way: To view the titles of my past radio shows, you can go to this Index Page, which provides access to virtually every show I've broadcast since 1996! Click on any of the shows and you can see the playlist for the program; click on any of the archives—which go back as far as 2001—and you can actually listen to the shows in their entirety.

Frankly, I'm just touched that Jeffers has been paying such close attention all these years.


What your inferring is that Bush and his evil empire created the mess.
And now maybe Obama is just finding it difficult to get out of it.
Well, he is not admitting to that is he?
Check out this link (lengthy but enlightening)
(especially starting at about 19 minutes in with Jeremy Scahill speaking.)

What I'm inferring is that the shenanigans that are going on are
continuous through administrations.
How long has this been the case?
Shit I don't know.
But I know it is probably the case through bush 1, clinton, bush 2, and Obama.
The real power is tied up with big money.
As long as we continue playing republicans versus democrats were screwed.
It's about all of us versus the power elite.
They're the ones that are causing these wars, because it is funneling
tons of money into their own coffers.
Do you see a shred of evidence that Mr. Obama and his people are doing
anything but escalating this reality?
If so please enlighten me.
Why did I choose to do this here?
Because I'm dismayed that Doug is for holding out for Mr. Hope.
I think if he truly possesses the concerns he evidenced during the
Bush years, well then he should still be trumpeting them.
And this seemed like a good place to point that out.
If you can't make the conceptual stretch, well sorry, I think I
already explained it a couple different ways.

Tino Walters

Am the son of a German soldier who fought in Huertgen Forest. He came from the battlefields of Russia to stiffen restistance in the West. Russia was the hell, but Huertgen was much worse. Weeks of close compat and thousand of deads on both sides. Oddly enough that 3/4 of the compats there were either German or of German decent. By the way the name Schulkind is German. Schul = school and Kind = kid so it can be translated with pupil. The Americans were told to fight for freedom and democracy. The Germans that they defend their homeland from to be ruled by foreigners. And both died for it. My father told me what he learned that time. That there is no right war. War is only one big crime that makes men who could be best friends to kill each other.

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