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November 30, 2009



Sorry, I'm unable to dl track n.32 (Each Campfire Lights Anew).
Great Stuff! Love it. Thx very much to share.

Bob Purse

Thanks for letting me know about track 32, and for the nice words. It is now fixed.



This was my camp. Thanks for the memories!

Rochelle "Tigger"

The camp was actually in Wisconsin, right on the Menom. River, near Amberg. Thanks for the kind words about the music - we still sing the songs whenever we gather. What were the words your mother sang for Christopher Robin?


I was on staff at Chalk Hills for many years. There is a second album called "Chalk Hills Sings Again" which we recorded at camp during a thunderstorm! It's amazing that someone besides the camp alumni would like this music. Jane "flow"

Nancy Fay

I spent my college summers as a camp counselor and still love these songs. I sang them to my children and they to theirs. I am about to become a great grandmother and have written them in a book for the new little girl. thank you so much.

Paula "Cicada" Anderson

Love it...thank you! I can verify that the camp was indeed located squarely in Wisconsin though we could have spit to Michigan if we'd wanted to. Also, for the record, I'm pretty sure that it was all adult women "kids" and/or "girls".

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