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November 18, 2009



Concetta recorded some ill-fated duets with Marvin Rainwater when they were both floundering on the M-G-M label and everybody had run out of ideas.

Looking forward to big Hillbilly Show!

Even More Whacked-out Hillbilly 45s
Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, 8pm - 11pm
In anticipation of the Lakeside Lounge Ichiban Rock & Soul stream live remote nutty record collector Greg Germani from Decatur, Georgia once again drops by Music To Spazz By armed with crates of obscure country and hillbilly records to wing at the city folk. Expect more drunken odes to orphaned children, murderers, skid row, hippies, winos, suicide, women's lib, truck-driving, hare-brained novelties, hillbillies in the White House, monkeys, odes to Sheriff Buford Pusser, high school drop-out hillbilly millionaires, junkies, pro-Vietnam songs, midgets, LSD, train rides to hell, Billy Beer, Satan, go-go dancing young ladies in hot pants and a truckload of screwball honky-tonkers. It'll be like listening to "Rubber Room" for three hours but in Hillbilly Smell-O-Vision!

Listener Greg G.

Hey, thanks Dave. It's going to be a blast, I think. And thanks for the invitation!

You forgot to mention songs about unwed mothers, which may just end up crowding out the "hillbillies in the White House" tunes this time around.

Want to hear "Born Without A Name" by (I swear, I'm not makin' this up) Seymour Weed? You'll get your chance, tough guy!

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