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November 28, 2009



You know its a slow news day when you have to blog about one of those road side signs.

Belgrave Joe

Woof, woof!


Ah, love Walter Brennan. Once, he had almost every one of his teeth kicked out by a horse.


I call bullshit on this claim. Some years ago I used to jog at the local athletic field. Every once and a while an old man came to exercise his dog. The dog would see me run, and go into a barking frenzy. I got tired of this after a few iterations, and decided to make peace with the dog. I sat on the ground, and waited. The dog barked for a while, eventually moving close enough to pet. I let him sniff me, and scratched his head. Getting up, the dog followed, and we ran around the track for a while. I got tired, and ran off towards my home. The dog followed close behind. I tried to discourage him, but he wouldn't have it. The old man called and called, and with the greatest reluctance, the dog turned and left. I never saw the old man again after that. The dog would have happily abandoned his long-time friend just to run around with some knucklehead like me. And he knew it.

That's not to say that there aren't some loyal dogs. But pack animals tend to follow the alpha, and that can be anyone. If you slip, the dog will follow someone else. That's what makes dog ownership so trying at times.

izdelava spletnih strani

How true is that? Searching for the idea of my new post. Maybe i should write about Road side signs ...


if ur interested in tragic AND happy go lucky dog songs you need to check out mc esoteric's "saving seamus ryan" GOOGLE THAT SHIT

whole album dedicated to and about a dog, and it's all indie underground hip-hop


writing about road signs is so 2009


After a couple of 'roadside sign' comments, I've gotta respond- Some folks seem to have totally missed the point of this posting, which is actually very personal and not derived from a random sign. Admittedly my usually vague writing doesn't help, but this story relates to a statue of a dog that stands out in my memories of this small town I spent a lot of my childhood in. It was just a weird icon that had a historical story attached to it, which when I got older I began to learn more about.
When I moved back to the area after 30 years, I happened to find a 7-inch record that tied in with that Dog Statue, and which I kinda dug, too, so I thought it would be a perfect, compact 'regional' type of post, a very small specific thing relating to a particular obscure area of the country.
That's the nugget of this post. Cheers!

Beau Varnado

Where was the physcal adress that Old Drum lived

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