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November 19, 2009


that email doesn't show up in a spokeo search or facebook or google. the only google result is this blog..ha ha
so either that person has never actually used or registered that address, or they simply don't ever blog, register for anything, or get any mail from friends. if they did, spokeo would ping it.

to further mystify you, it was AIRWOLF that ernest borgnine played Dominiic, a helicopter pilot in.

truly a strange find. maybe you have the dead seas scrolls of modern times... ;)


That was an interesting listen. I'm glad you spent the time to write about your experience.

In fact I would like to counter request those who try to shame you from your musings here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed a lot of your entries, here whether they have anything to do with music or not.


could it be your own music that you dropped and forgotten about during your peyote trip at Joshua Tree? ha ha just teasing, nice find!


Likewise about your posts. I almost don't listen to FMU these days, just read the blog.

DJ ManRich

You ought to send info about it to Donna Kossey, curator of Portland's Kook Museum and the author of Kooks.
Who knows? Maybe she already has a piece of the puzzle?

Sibyl Bear

The writing on the disk sounds like a reference to Raudive voices or something.


a potential candidate, based on a quick google search for "the seventh (clubbed) seal"

lassemarhaug DOT no

there's a pretty huge archive to search through, but the music on the site seems to be along the same lines and there's a lot of CD-R releases listed (some that were releases of 10 or less!)


Curious thing, friends: some of the text from above on the CD-R ("A silvery female voice breaking through onto the airband sang in German, 'We are from another world, but you have cut us out") was on a Swan Fungus blog entry from 2006. Nice poetic stuff, really. But after someone made a comment here last night mentioning this fact, the comment and the very blog entry itself was gone this morning. Has the plot thickened? Are alien forces at work?


in shadows lurk dead guys


Why are the photographs of the CD-R different on this page than on this one:
I don't understand.


@folksnake I don't get it either. Google this: cache: The CD-R image and title seem to be different; some textual content changed too.

Taco Wilson

Three things of interest like you guys have said. 1) the picture of the cdr has changed since this was first posted to a different cdr altogether. 2)As Tommo said the text has been changed...actually text has been omitted. The omitted text was the "a silvery female voice..." line which also happened to be the text written on the first cd that was photographed. 3) as Skip said the "silvery female voice" line "was on a Swan Fungus blog entry from 2006" that is now missing. Looks to me as the creator wanted to remain anonymous...:)

hmmmmm... shameless self promotion under the guise of a mystery? yeah i think we all need an explanation of why this post has changed so much...

you could have just said 'hey, download and listen to my/my friend's stuff' without trying to make it seem like something out of LOST



Another Mike Patton side project gets left in the desert...


The original of the last track has been spotted on Swan Fungus' own blog circa 2006.

Dillon M

Awesome, here is a CD I found in the middle of the desert in Nevada. Blank with no writing, but with a strange mixtape recorded on it. More info & download here:

Name is required

ha ha.

Name is equ

Bogus. Then republish the comments and blog material.


Love it!


Don't know what all the hoopla is about. Tracks stand up pretty well on their own. A Nice sound, SF.


Put it all together and we realize, we've been had.
It's not a mystery at all.

Look, this WFMU mystery CD article was posted by user Swan Fungus.

When we did a google search on the song titles, we found a post on the Swan Fungus blog from 2006 (now, as mentioned, its been removed)

The obvious result:
"Swan Fungus" posted this attempting some self promotion. He didn't realize/forgot that on his own blog 3 years ago he posted about the music. When the ruthless internet dwellers put their collective minds together to solve this, he realized he'd been caught and thus attempted to remove the original post.

This was a poor poor attempt at self promotion, nothing more.

Nothing else to see here, move along.

Shallow Throat

Open any song in RealPlayer. This is what you get:
artist: さくら (Sakura)
album: 花びら (Hanabira)


a quick 'i forgot my password' on the gmail account gives the secret question, "who are you??"
niether 'dominic' nor 'ernest borgnine' are the correct answer. im going to stop messing with it since it would potentially reset their password, and is probably somehow illegal anyways, but take that as you will. it IS a registered email address, though.

Senor Itchy

If any of it sounds "commercial," the iPhone app Shazam might be able to identify some of it.


Hoax! What a waste of 15 minutes researching this. Stupid music too.

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