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November 19, 2009



hoax. lame.


Map looks like where that game "Baldur's Gate" is set.
Music sounds like someone really likes both Nurse With Wound and Black Sun Ensemble.


Reminds me of a really bad Godspeed You Black Emperor/silver mount zion.

Aorund Par


or not, but this does remind me of the hoopla about that way back when...

b bob

i ate a mushroom before after I listened to many sound from the cds. A cloud reached down and said hey man, let me suck yo d!&k. I said way cool, man. Trippy cloud things dude.


I could understand all the trouble undertaken to find the artist if the actual content of the "found" CD was more interesting. Hoax or not, the actual work is dreadfully boring.


sounds like an amature rip off of the Orb.

Gavin Smith

Sakura/Hanabira in iTunes UK leads you to pop tune that is a very different piece of music to the stuff on the 'disc', FYI.

Constantin Sauvage

That is totally rad dude like how fucking often does this happen to anyone. This is the type of shit that could get a friggin oscar if it were to be made into a fuckin movie. I seriously hope that this web page will be discovered by the people that made this CD even though the music is fucking weird. I would jave paid to see your face when you found that CD


Err, Constantin..? OK, first, knock a bit on your head.
If it sounds hollow, don't bother reading. Don't bother anything. Just have a massive bag of shrooms all at once, at least you'll talk to Jeebus for a few hours.

It is not about paying to see his face when he found the CD, but rather, paying him to see YOUR face reading HIS post.

He didn't find the CD, McFly. He MADE the CD. Duh!

It's the Balloon Boy of CD's. The Blairwitch Project of CD's. The Paranormal Activity of CD's. The Area 51 of CD's. The Jesus from the Bible of CD's.
Hoax. Scam. Nada.
Comprende? Capito? Knock Knock, McFly. Oui?

It could have been an interesting urban legend, had it been prepared far more carefully. But it seems it's always witch-way-do-I-go geeks thinking of such things ending all oops (and offended too) with it.
"Any alterations to the WFMU blog entry post-publication -- or my own personal blog -- were done in an attempt to quell the uprising of cynics" — is simply BRILLIANT in the said oops-geek kind of way. How convenient. Bang. Here goes gravity. That's when the brilliant shroom plan goes awfully F L O P.

No wonder the US is packed infested with Jesus & alien freaks.
Anyway… NeuroBlast, psilocybin, LSD, anyone?
Yea man, totally spiritual rad.


The gmail account is a ref to that old show Airwolf, it sucked and so does this cd. Take it back to the sand.


Te treasure map looks like a distorted Africa/Europe.

The boat indicates a landing in the south end of the Bay of Biscay. The journey then wends east across N. African continent, to maybe Egypt? Turns back west through Turkey?
Skirts the Dolomites before headin East again towards Siberia? Where there is an "?' at the end of the track.


Perhaps there is an email waiting for you in the gmail account, you just have to follow the clues to the password.


if any subject of above mention notes


Kinda sounds like Dif Juz early 4AD at times.

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