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December 06, 2009


Listener Kliph

Found this tidbit in the YouTube comments:

"The band members introduced themselves to Steve Allen as: Seth Evans, Jeffrey Comanor, Tedd Barron, Vic King and Pam Robbins ... Jeffrey Comanor later became a songwriter; among his most famous compositions was the England Dan & John Ford Coley hit "We'll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again." Pam Robins (one 'b') later was in a group called "Wings" (not to be confused with Paul McCartney's band). I have a promo single by The Hi-Five on Vanguard from the same year as this clip, 1966."


Seth Evans' web site:
Jeffrey Comanor's web site (bio page):
More info on Pam Robins:

Dean C. Rowan

I'm wondering whether anybody remembers a band dubbed Angel's Damnation or something of the sort back in the late '60s, early '70s. They may have appeared on the Real Don Steele's television show.

lee shafer

a late 60's band called the drones from i think,brooklyn or maybe the bronx? used to play here in ne pennsylvania at san souci park-they were beyond awesome! i'd love to knowif anyone out there remembers 'em. lee


this is one of the coolest things I've seen on the Internet in a long time! <3 old game shows!

Murrey the Quay

Love the "mod to greaser" makeovers. It's like watching the first three seasons of "Mad Men" in reverse, while suggesting that there's a Danny & The Juniors wannabe deep inside every erzatz Sky Saxon. Maybe this episode pushed the members of Sha-Na-Na to become the first American inhabitants of 50's nostalgia island.

who kares

Those dudes have Guild guitars resembling Fred Cole's. I like the Harmony amps as well. The drummer's sweater is fucking goofy, though. Haha.


barrel-full of hair - get outta here!

Natalia Ramirez

Mad Men is addictive. The scenes are so well constructed in every episode, it would be impossible to skip the next one. The storyline is not full of action and violence, but I have to say that the plot is very dramatic and emotional and that is what really captivates the public.

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