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December 27, 2009



Yes, actually Gourmet subscribers were given Bon Appetit instead. I received my 1st issue of it earlier this month and promptly got on the phone with Conde Nast to tell them not to send any more. I spent a few minutes looking at it before recycling it and it's frightening to think anyone would pay for it knowingly. The photos didn't even look the slightest bit appetizing and the writing seemed shallow and pamphlet-like. I would swear some of the photos were taken with flash, which even amateur bloggers know makes food look slimy. The worst was a feature about a supposedly vegetarian dinner party attended by people who would never in a million years be vegetarian ... artless snapshots of dudes in khaki pants and their frosted-blonde realtor wives ...

Hopefully some of these dead publications will do as Arthur Mag did and keep going on the internet, but if they do it will only be because people love them enough to work for free or nearly-free ... very sad!

Dale Hazelton

When I had a solid day job I bought mags like Mojo at $10 a pop all the time - there was just so much in there. I'll still pay for publications that are instructional (the Taunton Press puts out some good ones) and maybe Make: once in a while. To grumpy's comment, I think editorially a lot of publishers have lost any sense of art or focus in their craft as holding company accountants are steering the boat these days. Sad.

I hate to admit it but I once briefly freelanced for a publisher that put out Alf magazine. I wonder if that's still around...

michael C

Heard that Kirkus might be coming back.
Possible good news for the new year.
michael c


I'd add BIOGRAPHY----a classier, more varied version of PEOPLE. Yeah it had celeb interviews, but also stuff on travel, historic events/people, etc. (OK, I used to be an editor, but it was still good...esp. in the early days, 1997-2001 or so).
MUSICIAN was great too, informative and good in-depth interviews.

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