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December 23, 2009



If you read the wikipedia entry on hip house they mostly got it right with Beatmasters coming up with the first "hip-house" type song. Now from what I remember that Beatmasters song was hardly ever played in Chicago. BTW you can hear that song here . From what I can recall here in Chicago they considered that Beatmasters song to be more rap than with a club sound than a house sound. If you listen to the Fast Eddie or Tyree Cooper tracks it definitely more House sounding than the Beatmasters. One thing this small clip from the doc does show is the beginning of the evolution of rap from the 80's to the 90's you can hear that transition in the last 3 minutes of the music. Its always a murky subject when you talk about house and all the sub-genre's stemming from it, I'm no expert but I have been listening to House from its inception here in Chicago so I know a little about it. Hope this helps.

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