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December 20, 2009


bob scarpos

poor "Kliph". your world is such a dark sad lonely place isnt it? im not sure how old you are but i doubt you were around in the 60's and 70's. my memory of these tv shows was actually something my family did together. not avoidance. its hard watching your pathos spill out on this site. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS KLIPH !!!!!


I love that you've allowed "your pathos [to] spill out on this site". It's a great list. I can't wait to dig in. Thanks! And good luck to you in avoiding your crazy relatives.

Rufus J Squirrel

Hell of a list. Thanks for putting it together.


Yes, that is some list, Kliph. But wait. Something essential is missing. Yes, better than the Star Wars Christmas special. I'm talkin' bout the Mr. T and Webster Christmas special. I swear to god Kliph, this exists, even tho I may have been under the influence of some powerful psychedelics when it first broadcast. Can you imagine my burning brain trying to wrap itself around Webster, sitting on Mr. T's lap, discussing christmas? This thing really rocked.

A quick web/youtube search turned up nothing. If anyone knows where to find it, you would. So how about it?

texas scott

Thanks,Kliph and Merry Christmas!

Coupon Trunk

Awesome list! I'm going to watch some of these with the relatives that I actually like.

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