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December 03, 2009


John Badger

Sweet interview. Rock'n'roll. Or not, as the case may be.

grumpy xenophobe

Welcome to Portland, Tony.

The rest of you: PLEASE don't even THINK about f*#%ing moving to Portland. We've got more than our fill of hipster carpetbaggers already.

There are no jobs to be had, it's been that way for years, and yet people are stlll pouring in. I look at the hordes hanging out in coffeeshops for hours and hours and wonder, just what the hell do they DO? When the trustfund runs dry and their credit cards are maxxed out, they're going to be in big trouble.

Be a pioneer, create the next big hip thing somewhere else.


The only thing more hilarious than Brooklyn hipsters moving to Portland are the raft of Portland hipsters ever so desperate to ... wait for it ... MOVE TO BROOKLYN.

Which makes a lot more sense, when you think about it. There are no jobs in Portland. There is no night life past about 6pm. You will be shocked by the levels of obesity. Did I mention everything closes at 6pm? What kind of young person would find this at all appealing? Please discuss, hipsters.

Tony Coulter

Only on the Internet could an aging misanthrope like me be mistaken for a young hipster....

Jeff Hylton Simmons

cool! welcome to PDX... we moved across country at the same time! I miss FMU terribly and was only there doing live sound for a year :(

DJ ManRich

Yes, Tony, despite the conveyed sentiment RE:The Great Eastern Hipster Diaspora, you are most welcome.
I too totally dig WFMU. Portland has its KBOO, but sheesh! Talk about entrenched in hippy-dippy stagnation!
Maybe you can go teach them a thing or two.

Mark S

Hey Tony, welcome to PDX. Been here for 3 years now and love it - I am a long time listener of you FMU show! Discovered one of my favorite LPs via your show...Pete McCabe - The Man Who Ate The Plant Thanks!

Anyway, I am co-host of a radio show on WKE Satan Vs Sunshine and it could be fun to have you as a guest some time? Or call in chat? Anything? Out show may not be as adventurous - but you get the idea...been attempting to digitize some old records.

See some stuff here

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