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December 01, 2009


r4 dsi

I hate Mother's Day. Not only is my husband forgetful, but he doesn't really care about holidays the way that I do, and unfortunatly, the golden rule, "treat people the way you want to be treated" doesn't always apply! So my high expectations for how Mother's Day (and all other holidays) should be, combined with my husbands lack of enthusiasm for holidays, equals me hating Mother's Day!


NY Barfly link doesn't work - has an 11 where there should be a 12.


All links should be working now--thanks!


Thank you for posting these!


oh nice, i haven't heard that Grasshoppers song in years. hysterious!

tilly t

oh. my. god. i love you. really.

Claude Brindamour

I will steal from you and put these songs on my own holiday special at CKRL FM, Quebec City !

This is good stuff that we have to listen to from time to time because cheap christmas music is everywhere and is making me craaaazzy !

L'Homme Scalp

Sixx Deville

2 thumbs up for all 3 playlist (especially disc 2).

Song Placements

Steve Barton

"...and now you're a special person too." Thank you 'Happy' Harry Cox!

-- Steve Barton
Dunwoody, Georgia

Matthew Shiver

Hey, is there any more Bathing Beauty out there? And if so, where can I score some?

Some Guy Who Likes Music

Here's another song on YouTube (one of those songs with a generic cd cover),

As far as I know Bathing Beauty is a studio concoction from various musicians affiliated with the Siesta Records label (out of Madrid, Spain).

You can order the highly recommended Christmas CD here,

It's not a normal holiday CD, very sunshine pop oriented and covers of some obscure 80's songs.

Siesta is a great label to support, completely indie, and with a great roster of artists.

Some Guy Who Likes Music

Ahhh, and after checking further, it seems the Xmas comp on Siesta is out of print. You might try writing Siesta and they may have somewhere where you can buy it from a online store (mp3s) -

The release is,

fantasia de navidad -


I know a hundred people who will love this site!


sounds like you had fun did you get yourHolidays online
great songs list

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