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December 13, 2009


Lee R.

Wow! Thanks Bob, Merry Christmas!


What an unexpected Christmastime present -- thanks!

Rob Camp

thank you so much! i love gene marshall!

Frosted Moses

And am I hearing Mellotron on every tune? Amazing!

Bob Purse

Unless I miss my guess, it's actually a Chamberlain, which came before the Mellotron and sounded just the same (as it must have, since the Mellotron people reportedly stole the sounds from the Chamberlain people).


Looking forward to listening to this. I wonder if John Kelly you speak of here is the same "John Kelly IV" who wrote "City's Hospital Patients" and "wrote" "The Saddest Story"?

Bren C.

Speaking of Song-Poems... I watched "My Boys are Good Boys" last night, and the theme song singer/performer sounds remarkably like one particularly familiar Song-Poem patriarch:

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