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December 09, 2009



Good stuff all year - not to mention the huge amount of stuff I found as a result of the initial link. Here are my five:

Voches de Sardinna - Tenore de Orosei: Amore profundhu
Various - Burried Country
Pop Music Team - Society is Shit
Various - Woodchips and Heartbreakers
Various - Ryukyu Rare Groove: Shimauta Pops in 60's-70's

dee es

A top five selection seems really narrow considering the scope of the Miner's project. I've learned and heard too much this year to whittle my picks to such a fine point. So, here's a list of my top 20. Thanks for archiving all these recommendations. And thanks for the great writing that introduced many of the recommendations.

Gospel Blog Posts Captured!
Various tracks from Just Moving On
(Blog: Pathway to Unknown Worlds)

Polish Melodrama Queen
Ewa Demarczyk ~ "Ewa Demarczyk 1974"
(Blog: Easy Music)

Simply One of the Greatest Recordings Ever
Joe Maneri ~ "Paniots Nine"
(A Blog Ain't Too Much to Love)

Good Ol' Boy of Cuban Country
Guillermo Portabales ~ "Sones Cubanos"
(Blog: El Negrio del Batey)

Holy Grail for Drummer Lovers
M'Boom ~ "Re:Percussion"
(Fat Toro)

Spanish Teen Pop
Pic-Nic ~ "Cállate Niña"
(Blog: 18 Rodas)

Go Phillies!
Khan Jamal ~ "Give the Vibes Some"
(Blog: The Growing Bin)

His Swedish Commune Sessions
Don Cherry ~ "Organic Music Society"
(Blog: Treehouse for Earth's Children)

On a Whole Other Plena
Cortijo y Su Combo ~ "Baile con Cortijo y Su Combo"
(Blog: Flageolette)

Cult Hero of Polish Jazz
Krzysztof Komeda ~ "Astigmatic"
(Blog: Pan Mietek)

Listen Through Your Sternum
Olodum ~ "Egito Madagáscar"
(Blog: Nordest Na Veia)

Titanic Free Jazz Trio
Revolutionary Ensemble ~ "The Psyche"
(Blog: Jizz Relics)

Possum on the Prowl
George Jones and the Jones Boys
(Blog: A Truer Sound)

Not Your Average NOLA Soul Comp
Various ~ "Confessing"
(Blog: Caesar Tjalbo)

Crackling Salsa Gems
Various ~ "Oye Listen!"
(Blog: Global Groove)

Horn-heavy Colombian Party Band
Los Hermanos Martelo ~ "Eroticorythmotropicalomanie, Vol. 1"
(Blog: Listen to Your Ears)

Unplugged and Unsober
Rolling Stones ~ "Acoustic Motherfuckers"
(Blog: Walldill)

Avant Samba Composed for a Fashion Show
Seigen Ono ~ "Comme des Garçon, Vol. 2"
(Blog: Music Hertz)

Mine Ears Have Seen the Glory
Various ~ "Get Right With God"
(Blog: Wrath of the Grapevine)

Link Produces His Brother Ray
Vernon Wray ~ "Wasted"
(Blog: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives)


Here are three that I keep going back to ever since I pulled them down:

Italian Jazzers Sizzle
Quintetto Santucci-Scoppa ~ "Looking Around"

Cornet King Before Louis
Freddie Keppard ~ "The Complete Freddie Keppard Heritage"

Lou Donaldson ~ "Gravy Train"

Thanks so much for doing these!


on behalf of the employees and customers of the soundpony lounge in Tulsa, OK, I would like to offer sincere gratitude for your hard work! it has enriched our drinking environment.

my picks:

These Trails- s/t
Krzysztof Komeda - Astigmatic
John Berberian - Middle Eastern Rock
Lowman "Pete" Pauling ~ El Pauling
Witch - Lazy Bones
Dara Puspita - A Go Go



Petros Pandis - Songs of the Greek Revolution is some wonderful, stirring, heart-wrenching music.

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