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December 26, 2009



I feel you on the Guardian Building. That thing is AMAZING.


Haha! I spent some quality time in Bob Mays house this past summer. Dude does not believe in ventilation.

Mr. Fine Wine

You are correct about Mr. Mays, bless his hillbilly heart. And yeah, strange that the jaw-dropping Guardian Building is so under the radar, even for Detroiters. Sigh.

Bob Hazy

Viva la Greek Salad at Yorkside! I once estimated you had over 350 of those salads during our salad days in New Haven.... They were pretty good. Ok, not really 350, but a lot. Happy Holidays, dude!

Chris Steller

The new Atlas of American Architecture I got for Xmas doesn't have the Guardian Building. Detroit entries: Davison Freeway, Fox Theatre, Freer House, French Rang long lots, Grand Riviera Theare, Wayne State U. McGregor Memorial Center, Woodward Avenue, Woodward Plan. No Guardian. Bummer. Toussaint is toe tapping but did you see the famous men's room at MSP?

Ben Goetter

I'ma pour out a forty for the chicken salad grinders of yore.


Polish Yacht Club ~~~~~~~!!! A visit to the Detroit Hysterical Society for Soupy Sales installation and seeing Flaming Lips at the Howo Bowl... fave music explosions. (well that and the two graham nash songs in UP IN THE AIR, but I don't tell anyone that in public)

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