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December 25, 2009



Really? That's all? Only a full half of the front page dedicated to your top ten list? I agree with some of your picks, but man! Smaller pics and text-wrap, stat! Oversize images are so typical of dance music posts, it's become a cliche.


Oh man, you're right, I'll change it.


It's supposed to look like a dance-formatted-cliche post, that was my aesthetic this year.

I'm glad you agreed with some of the picks though! :)

The coolest thing about the internet,

Is that you never run out of space on it.

Close Reader

Also, please pay attention to the English language. I hope I'm not alone in believing that muddled writing is a product of muddled thinking. "...things have settled into different categories than they're usually put into"? Oy. This whole post and its narcissistic sentimentalism make me cringe.




Tightassed, and proud of it. You ever hear the expression "quality over quantity"? I wouldn't say that "the coolest thing about the Internet" is its limitless capacity. And if a visually unappealing splay of giant images screams "look at me!" and prevents people from wanting to read about your picks, I'd say it's detrimental to your bottom line.

Sure, you can take up the entire front page if you want to. That doesn't make it a great idea.

Paul Kelly

Sheesh, lighten up. This post is funny! This blog is best when it gives you the unexpected.


major LOL @ FMU listeners who STILL don't get Trent after all these years

Kat Fancy

Trent, you have my heart. Please continue to be you.


Great post, Trent's comments are pretty good too, but nowhere near as good as this post itself. Those images could have been a bit larger, but it works. Also the part about emotion at the beginning was spot on.


@ Paul Kelly:

Lighten up? That's the best you can do? I was just giving the man my opinion. I obviously read his post, or I wouldn't have taken the time to comment. It's OK to be critical of the aesthetic components of a blog post. YOU lighten up.


@Jim "quality over quantity"? So, cliche posts are bad but using a cliche in the comments is ok? - or is that "are ok?" I certainly don't want to use badly grammer or mispell anything @close reader - don't read so closely, you may actually enjoy the music.

@ Trent. Great post. I forgot how good that Hidden Cameras stuff is. And Rihanna!! What can be said...that voice gets me every time. Yes, everything about her and her music is highly stylized and overblown but the fact that her voice still stands above it all is testement to her contact with the divine (no not Jay-Z).
I love the elements of heavy metal in her music too.


LOL at these comments. Good stuff, Trent.


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LOL at these comments. Good stuff, Trent.

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Excellent publish, Trent's feedback are very excellent too, but nowhere near as excellent as this publish itself. Those pictures could have been a bit bigger, but it performs. Also the aspect about feelings at the starting was identify on...

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