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December 17, 2009



sure you don't mean Sandpoint, ID?

waylon solos

gotta agree with sqrl here. "sandy point"? don't think so.

Tom S

Why are those two lumberjacks standing next to a giant taco?

Tony Coulter

Oops! Right you both are! It's Sandpoint.... Sorry 'bout that....


check "the tree people"

they were from Eugene in the 70zzzzz



Tony, as a Portlander and FMU listener I have been thoroughly enjoying these blog posts, and am a little embarrassed to admit how much of the amazing stuff you've been digging up is new to me. Keep up the good work!


My heart be still...a closeup view of Smegma!

Seriously, I'm so glad you're posting to the blog, Tony. I second the "keep up the good work" wishes! And thanks to commenter Raf for pointing out that I had missed your first great one with focus on Eurock zine.

Frank Smit (The Netherlands)

Hi There, you have forgotten the Shaky Hands, not from long way back, they are here now and you can see them at december 31 this year! These guys have balls, they keep on playing with energy regardless the size of the crowd (I have seen it at Patronaat, Haarlem The Netherlands last month).

And those Chameleons, they are not the real ones, they are from Manchester!
Frank Smit


Not to mention Blitzen Trapper, Dark Black, All the Dead Horses, Paper Cameras, etc. Throw a stone, and you'll hit a band of your tastes in Portland. Or one that's new and exciting. Really, I suspect other towns have it just as good. And thanks for the awesome posts!

Toronto Dentist in Etobicoke

The Tooth Trip - that's hilarious!
The dentist looks straight out of the 70's

Joe :D
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