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December 16, 2009


Red Neckerson

Considering that Conway basically drank himself into oblivian, How about the Conway Twitty Jack Daniels Memorial Decanter?

DJ ManRich

That's almost as bad as the Spade Cooley commemorative Zippo lighter.

rusty beltway

Oh man! See, this is why I check the 'FMU blog often.

Twitty's cool, but I'm definitely asking Santa for the George Jones rifle. Crank up some honky tonk and go out back and shoot me some empty beer bottles.

Don't die before you read "I Lived to Tell It All", the Jones bio. One time he got loaded and shot up the tour bus. The driver fled at a truck stop. The band covered up the holes in the bus with children's band-aids with cartoon characters on them.

Always liked the Conway and Loretta duo recordings.

Merry Xmas.


I would keep mine in a glass case containing gold plated bullets inscribed with Twittys name.

Navy Davey

Has anyone actually SHOT one of these Tribute pistols?
Just wondering if they are the real deal or just for looks.
Proof would be to actually fire a magazine full of .45's.
Yeah I know most all are just safe queens and it would be a shame to actually USE 'em, but has anyone out there shot one?


I'm shooting mine as soon as they get it to me

Dennis Crownover

There is a collector market out there for these type of commemorative firearms but it's rare that any ever become much more valuable than the non-commemorative versions and in a lot of cases they are worth less. However, there have been a few that I wouldn't mind owning, like the John Wayne Colt 1911-A1 and The Colt Peace Maker that had very little in the way of flashy engraving and such. I guess my point is these are mostly just gimmicks that appeal to your nostalgia side and take your money.

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