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December 29, 2009


Less Lee Moore

This is the best "best of" or top anything list I've read all month. Thank you. Unfortunately the older films you mention are mostly unavailable via so it looks like I'll be doing some online ordering.


So no J-Horror? The're way better at messing with your head. If you really want to see something cool in the horror genre, check out AM1200. It's a really crafty short horror movie and the director deserves some exposure for making a Silent Hill movie the way Silent Hill should've been.

puppy pen

There's some classic horror films on the list. There's a few that I've not seen as yet so will be hunting around for them in the New Year.

Zebtron A. Rama

Great list. Can't wait to watch some of these.


Nice list. I don't get to see a lot of the films because of my hands covering my face. one really old horror film I do like is the classic Nosferatu. That shadow on the stairs gets me every time.

Mutantville Low Budget Filmmaking

Thanks for the list. It looks like I have some films to see. It's awesome to see the low budget film "Fiend" on there!

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