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December 21, 2009



Not even close to being perfect. Sure, I have seem Marienbad projected 3 times- but nothing is sacred. I get what they are trying to do, but it registers as droll sub grad student level of conceptualism with a nod to pop culture/entertainment. My, such irony. Try looking at Natalie Djurberg's work using the dreaded claymation. She makes it work! This Schroeder piece is stupid- and not in a good way.


Or you could just absorb it as it is and not analyze it to death.

Vanya Schroeder

Hey WFMU! I just googled myself and found out you put me on your blog a while back, with the remake of "Last year at Marienbad". Hoo, it sure is nice to feel like someone watched what you made. Thanks for the plug!

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